Pre-Game Meal Athletes

Over 45 Athletes Have Attended a CAN Fund Pre-Game Meal

Alannah Yip – Sport Climbing
Ashley Brzozowicz – Rowing
Alexandria Town – Wrestling
Ashley Brzozowicz – Rowing
Billy Bridges – Sledge Hockey
Caroline Calve – Snowboarding
Calynn Irwin – Snowboarding
Chris Del Bosco – Freestyle Skiing
Cody Sorenson – Bobsleigh
Conrad Leinemann – Beach Volleyball
Crystal Emmanuel – Athletics
Dave Greszczyszyn – Skeleton
Dylan Moscovitch – Figure Skating
Evan Neufeldt – Skeleton
Genevieve Lacasse – Hockey
Jane Channell – Skeleton
Jayna Hefford – Hockey
Jocelyne Larocque – Hockey
John Hastings – Whitewater Kayak
Joseph Polossifakis – Fencing
Katie Vincent – Sprint Canoe
Kelly Fitzsimmons – Modern Pentathlon
Kelsey Serwa – Freestyle Skiing

Kevin Boyer – Skeleton
Khamica Bingham – Athletics
Kierra Smith – Swimming
Korey Jarvis – Wrestling
Lanni Marchant – Athletics
Laura Stacey – Hockey
Marc-Antoine Gagnon – Freestyle Skiing
Markus Thormeyer – Swimming
Marielle Thompson – Freestyle Skiing
Meaghan Mikkelson-Reid – Hockey
Megan Farrell – Snowboarding
Mercedes Nicoll – Snowboarding
Mike Janyk – Alpine Skiing
Mirela Rahneva – Skeleton
Natalie Spooner – Hockey
Niki Oudenaarden – Athletics
Pat Biggs – Alpine Skiing
Rachelle Viinberg – Rowing
Sarah Douglas – Sailing
Sekou Kaba – Athletics
Tristan Walker – Luge
Tyler McGregor – Sledge Hockey
Tyler Nicholson – Snowboarding

CAN Fund Pre-Game Meal Surprise

The Pre-Game Meal in Calgary, hosted by Amanda and Kent, included tears and cheers! Watch heptathlete Niki Oudenaarden’s reaction to “changing her status” becoming a CAN Fund recipient.

CAN Fund Pre-Game Meal – Toronto

There is something special about having dinner with friends and hearing stories of competing for Canada.