Recent CAN Fund Recipients

Each week CAN Fund continues to fund more athletes.

Directly impacting their ability to compete for Canada on the world stage.

Adam Froese – Field Hockey, Edmonton, AB
Aidan Caves – Cycling, Vancouver, BC
Alanna Bray-Loughead – Canoe/Kayak, Sprint, Oakville, ON
Alanna Goldie – Fencing, Calgary, AB
Alannah Yip – Sport Climbing, North Vancouver, BC
Alexandra Ten Hove – Sailing, Kingston, ON
Alexander Hyndman – Para Cycling, Blenheim, ON
Alexandria Town – Wrestling, Scarborough, ON
Alex Scott – Canoe/Kayak, Edmonton, AB
Alison Lee – Field Hockey, Mississauga, ON
Alison Levine – Boccia, Montreal, QC
Allison Beveridge – Cycling, Calgary, AB


Alysha Newman – Athletics, Toronto, ON
Amanda Amorosa – Water Polo, Kirkland, QC
Amelia Walsh – Cycling, Ayr, ON
Ana Padurariu – Gymnastics, Whitby ON 
Andrea Proske – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Andréanne Langlois – Canoe/Kayak, Québec, QC
Andrew Todd – Adaptive Rowing, Dartmouth, NS
Annie Foreman-MacKey – Cycling, Kingston, ON
Antoine Valois-Fortier – Judo, Montreal, QC
Antoni Kindler – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Ariane Bonhomme – Cycling, Gatineau, QC 
Arthur Margelidon – Judo, Montreal, QC
Audrey Joly – Artistic Swimming, Saint-Eustache, QC
Austin Smeenk – Para Athletics, Oakville, ON
Arinn Young – Wheelchair Basketball, Legal, AB
Avalon Wasteneys – Rowing, Campbell River, BC
Axelle Crevier – Water Polo, Montreal, QC
Balraj Panesar – Field Hockey, Surrey, BC
Bayleigh Hooper – Adaptive Rowing, Chatsworth, ON
Ben Coakwell – Bobsleigh, Regina, SK
Ben Hayward – Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater), Edmonton, AB
Bianca Farella – Rugby, Victoria, BC
Billy Bridges – Sledge Hockey, Summerside, PEI
Blayre Turnbull – Hockey, Stellarton, NS
Brandie Wilkerson – Beach Volleyball, Toronto, ON
Breanne Nicholas – Rugby, Blenheim, ON
Brenden Bissett – Field Hockey, New Westminister, BC
Brienne Stairs – Field Hockey, Kitchener, ON
Britt Benn – Rugby, Victoria, BC
Brittany Crew – Athletics, Toronto, ON
Brooke D’Hondt – Snowboarding, Calgary, AB
Caashia Karringten – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Caeli McKay – Diving, Calgary, AB
Caleigh Filmer – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Cam Smedley – Canoe/Kayak, Dunrobin, ON
Cameron Stones – Bobsleigh, Whitby, ON
Carling Zeeman – Rowing, Cambridge, ON
Caroline Crossley – Rugby, Victoria, BC
Cassandra Winkelaar – Artistic Swimming, Calgary, AB
Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard – Judo, St-Hubert, QC
Celina Toth – Diving, Victoria, BC
Charity Williams – Rugby, Ajax, ON
Charles Moreau – Para-cyling, Victoriaville, QC
Christabel Nettey – Athletics, Surrey, BC
Christian Gow – Biathlon, Calgary, AB
Christine de Bruin – Bobsleigh, Stony Plain, AB
Christine Roper – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Cindy Ouellet – Wheelchair Basketball, Quebec City, QC
Claudia Holzner – Artistic Swimming, Calgary, AB
Cody Bailey – Rowing, St. Mary’s, ON
Colin Higgins – Wheelchair Basketball – Quispamsis, NB
Conlin McCabe – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Courtney Stott – Canoe/Kayak, Sprint, Pickering, ON
Crispin Duenas – Archery, Scarborough, ON 
Crystal Emmanuel – Athletics, Toronto, ON
Cynthia Appiah – Bobsleigh, Toronto, ON
Dahria Beatty – Cross Country Skiing, Whitehorse, YT
Danielle DuPlessis – Wheelchair Basketball, Fredericton, NB
Danielle Hennig – Field Hockey, Kelowna, BC
Danielle Lappage – Wrestling, Olds, AB
Darthe Capellan – Wrestling, Surrey, BC
David Carter – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
David De Groot – Rowing, St.Catharines, ON
David Greszczyszyn – Skeleton, Brampton, ON
David Eng – Wheelchair Basketball, Montreal, QC
Dayna Pidhoresky – Athletics, Tecumseh, ON
Derek Gee – Cycling, Osgoode, ON
Devohn Noronha Teixera – Field Hockey, Mississauga, ON
Diana Weicker – Wrestling, Kentville, NS
Eleanor Harvey – Fencing, Hamilton, ON 
Elizabeth Hosking – Snowboarding, Longueuil, QC
Elizabeth Longley – Shooting (Trap), Waterdown, ON 


Ellie Black – Gymnastics, Halifax, NS
Elyse Lemay-Lavoie – Water Polo, Montreal, QC
Emily Schaefer – Wrestling, Thorold, ON
Emma Chown – Rugby, Barrie, ON
Emma Entzminger – Softball, Victoria, BC
Emma Spence – Gymnastics, Cambridge, ON
Emma Wright – Women’s water polo, Lindsay, ON
Erica Gavel – Wheelchair Basketball, Prince Albert, SK
Erica Wiebe – Wrestling, Stitsville, ON
Erika Polidori – Softball, Brantford, ON
Erin McLeod – Soccer, Calgary, AB
Evan Dunfee – Athletics, Richmond, BC
Florence Maheu – Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater), Valleyfield, QC
Floris Van Son – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Francois Imbeau-Dulac – Diving, Quebec, QC
Gabriella Page – Fencing, Blainville, QC
Gabrielle Smith – Rowing, Unionville, ON
Gabriel Ho-Garcia – Field Hockey, Burnaby, BC
Gavin Stone – Rowing, Brampton, ON 
Geneviève Lalonde – Athletics, Montreal, QC
Georgia Simmerling – Cycling, Ski-cross, Alpine, Calgary, AB
Ghislaine Landry – Rugby, Toronto, ON
Grant O’Gorman – Beach Volleyball, Scarborough, ON
Grace Dafoe – Skeleton, Calgary, AB
Gordon Johnston – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Gurpreet Sohi – Water Polo, Delta, BC
Haley Daniels – Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater), Calgary, AB
Hannah MacIntosh – Canoe/Kayak, Dartmouth, NS
Hannah Taylor – Wrestling, Thorold, ON
Hayley McKelvey – Water Polo, North Delta, BC
Hillary Janssens – Rowing, Cloverdale, BC
Hugo Barrette – Cycling, Valleyfield, QC
Iain Smythe – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Isabelle Weidmann – Speed Skating, Calgary, AB
Iulian Ciobanu – Boccia, Montreal, QC 
Ivanie Blondin – Speed Skating, Ottawa, ON
Ivy Elling Quaintance – Rowing, Victoria, BC 
Jackson Payne – Gymnastics, Edmonton, AB 
Jaclyn LaBerge – Skeleton, Calgary, AB
Jacqueline Simoneau – Artistic Swimming, Saint-Laurent, QC
Jade Hannah – Swimming, Halifax, NS
Jakub Buczek – Rowing, Kitchener, ON
James Cook – Para-Triathlon, Summerland, BC
James Kirkpatrick – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
James Wallace – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Janet Leung – Softball, Mississauga, ON
Janz Stein – Para-Athletics, Regina, SK
Jason Ho-Shue – Badminton, Markham, ON
Jenna Caira – Softball, Toronto ON
Jennifer Casson – Rowing, Kingston, ON
Jennifer Martins – Rowing, Toronto, ON
Jeremy Chartier – Gymnastics, Montreal, QC
Jeremy Hall – Adaptive Rowing, St.Paul, AB
Jessica Gaudreault – Water Polo, Ottawa, ON
Jessica MacDonald – Wrestling, Windsor, ON 
Jessica Sevick – Rowing, Strathmore, AB
Jessica Tuomela – Para-Triathlon, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Jessye Brockway – Para-Rowing, Mill Bay, BC
Jill Moffatt – Rowing, Bethany, ON
Jill Saulnier – Hockey, Halifax, NS
Joanna Brown, Triathlon, Ottawa, ON
Joelle Bekhazi – Water Polo, Montreal, QC
John Rasmussen – Triathlon, Hamilton, ON
John Smythe – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Jon Dunkerley – Para-Triathlon, Ottawa, ON
Jordan Steen – Wrestling, Tecumseh, ON 
Joseph Polossifakis – Fencing, Montreal, QC
Joshua King – Rowing, Ottawa, ON 
Julia Greenshields – Rugby, Sarnia, ON
Justin Kripps – Bobsleigh, Summerland, BC
Kai Lagerfeld – Rowing, North Vancouver, BC
Kaili Lukan – Rugby, Barrie, ON

Kaleigh Rafter – Softball, Guelph, ON
Kamylle Frenette – Para-Triathlon, Dieppe, NB
Karen Paquin – Rugby, Québec, QC
Kasia Gruchall-Wesierski – Rowing, Calgary, AB
Katarina Roxon – Para Swimming, Kippens, NL
Kate Wright – Field Hockey, Kingston, ON
Katherine Uchida – Gymnastics, Toronto, ON
Katie Vincent – Canoe/Kayak Sprint, Mississauga, ON
Kayla Moleschi – Rugby, Williams Lake, BC
Keegan Pereira – Field Hockey, Ajax, ON
Kelly Fitzsimmons – Modern Pentathlon, Calgary, AB
Kelly McKee – Water Polo, Calgary, AB
Kelsey Jenkins – Softball, Tucson, AZ
Kelsey Mitchell – Cycling, Sherwood Park, AB
Kenzie Pridell – Artistic Swimming, Regina, SK
Khamica Bingham – Athletics, Brampton, ON
Kierra Smith – Swimming, Kelowna, BC
Kinley Gibson – Cycling, Edmonton, AB
Kindred Paul – Water Polo, Spruce Grove, AB
Korey Jarvis – Wrestling, Elliot Lake, ON
Kristen Kit – Rowing, St.Catharines, ON
Kristina Walker – Rowing, Wolfe Island, ON
Kyle Fredrickson – Adaptive Rowing, Duncan, BC
Kyra Christmas – Water polo, High River, AB
Larissa Franklin – Softball, Maple Ridge, BC
Laura Court – Rowing, St.Catharines, ON 
Laurence Vincent-Lapointe – Canoe/Kayak Sprint, Shawinigan, QC
Laurent Debreuil – Speed Skating, Levis, QC
Lauriane Genest – Cycling, Lévis, QC
Leya Buchanan – Athletics, Mississauga, ON
Liam Smedley – Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater), Ottawa, ON
Lisa Roman – Rowing, Langley, BC 
Lissa Bissonnette – Kayak, Sherbrooke, QC
Lois Betteridge – Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater), Ottawa, ON
Loren Gabel – Hockey, Kitchener, ON
Lucas Bruchet – Athletics – 5000m, Whiterock, BC 
Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes – Ski Jumping, Calgary, AB
Mackenzie Copp – Rowing, London, ON
Madeline Price – Athletics, Toronto, ON
Madeline Schmidt – Canoe/Kayak, Sprint, Ottawa, ON
Maddie Secco – Field Hockey, Victoria, BC
Madison Mailey – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Mandy Bujold – Boxing, Kitchener, ON
Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger – Fencing, Montreal, QC
Marie Ève-Croteau – Para Cycling, Quebec, QC
Mark de Jonge – Canoe/Kayak Sprint, Halifax, NS


Markus Thormeyer – Swimming, Delta, BC 
Marissa Ponich – Fencing, Edmonton, AB
Marshall Hughes – Canoe/Kayak, St. John’s, NFLD
Mathiue St-Pierre – Canoe/Kayak, Shawnigan, BC
Matthew Buie – Rowing, Duntroon, ON
Matthew Sarmento – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Mark De Jonge – Canoe/Kayak, Halifax, NS
Mark Pearson – Field Hockey, Tsawwassen, BC
Maude Jacques – Wheelchair Basketball,  Lac-Beauport, QC
Max Van Haaster – Fencing, Montreal, QC
Maxine Brinck-Croteau – Fencing, Gatineau, QC
Maxwell Lattimer – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Meaghan Mikkelson – Hockey, St. Albert, AB
Megan Farrell – Snowboarding, Richmond Hill, ON 
Melissa Citrini – Diving, Chateauguay, QC
Michael Foley – Cycling, Milton, ON
Michael Sametz – Para-Cycling, Calgary, AB 
Michael Tayler – Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater), Ottawa, ON
Mohammed Ahmed – Athletics, St. Catharines, ON 
Monika Eggens – Water polo, Pitt Meadows, BC
Morgan Rosts – Rowing, Jordan, ON 
Natalie Corless – Luge, Whistler, BC
Natalie Davison – Canoe/Kayak, Sprint , Manotick, ON
Natalie Sourisseau – Field Hockey, Kelowna, BC
Natalie Wideman – Softball, Mississauga, ON
Natasha Fox – Wrestling, Saskatoon, SK
Natasha Wodak – Athletics, North Vancouver, BC
Nathaniel Riech – Para Athletics, Victoria, BC
Nicholas Bennett – Para Swimming, Parksville, BC
Nicholas Matveev – Canoe/Kayak, Sprint, Richmond Hill, ON
Nick Wammes – Cycling, Bothewell, ON
Nicole Hare – Rowing, Calgary, AB
Nicole Oudenaarden – Athletics, Calgary, AB
Nicolas Guy Turbide – Para Swimming, Quebec City, QC
Nikola Goncin – Wheelchair Basketball, Regina, SK
Noah Bowman – Freestyle Skiing, Calgary, AB
Olivia Apps – Rugby, Victoria, BC
Olivia Asselin – Freestyle Skiing, Levis, QC
Oliver Scholfield – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Olivia Di Bacco – Wrestling, Orillia, ON
Pamela LeJean – Para-Athletics, Cape Breton, NS
Pamela Ware – Diving, Montreal, QC
Pamphinette Buisa – Rugby, Gatineau, QC
Patrick Keane – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Payden Olsen – Sitting Volleyball, Cardston, AB
 Phylicia George – Athletics, Markham, ON 
Pierre-Luc Poulin – Canoe/Kayak. Québec, QC
Rachel Cliff – Marathon, Vancouver, BC
Rebecca Zimmerman – Rowing, Toronto, ON
Rene Cournoyer – Gymnastics,  Repentigny , QC
Renee Foessel – Para-Athletics (Discus), Orangeville, ON
Richard Hildreth – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Robert Bonomo – Modern Pentathlon, Toronto, ON
Robert Shaw – Wheelchair Tennis, North Bay, ON
Roland Varga – Canoe/Kayak, Aurora, ON
Rosalie Lalonde- Wheelchair Basketball, Montreal, QC
Rose Woo – Gymnastics, Montreal, QC
Ryan Sommer – Whiterock, BC 
Sam Pedlow – Beach Volleyball, Barrie, ON
Sam Schachter – Beach Volleyball, Richmond Hill, ON
Sara Groenewegen – Softball, White Rock, BC
Sara Kaljuvee – Rugby, Ajax ON
Sara McManus – Field Hockey, Tsawwassen, BC
Sarah Douglas – Sailing, Toronto, ON
Sarah Milette – Gymnastics, Longueuil, QC
Scott Tupper – Field Hockey, Vancouver, BC
Sean McColl – Sport Climbing, North Vancouver, BC
Sekou Kaba – Athletics, Ottawa, ON
Shaul Gordon – Fencing, Richmond, BC
Shelby Brost – Equestrian, Red Deer, AB
Shelby Newkirk – Para-Swimming, Saskatoon, SK
Simon McTavish – Canoe/Kayak, Oakville, ON
Skylar Park – Taekwondo, Winnipeg, MB
Sophiane Méthot – Gymnastics, Longueuil, QC
Spencer Pomeroy – Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater), Ottawa, ON
Stefan Daniel – Para-Triathlon, Calgary, AB
Stephanie Grauer – Rowing, Vancouver, BC 
Stephanie Horner – Swimming, Beaconsfield, QC
Stephanie Norlander – Field Hockey, North Vancouver, BC
Sukhi Panesar – Field Hockey, Surrey, BC
Susanne Grainger – Rowing, London, ON
Sydney Payne – Rowing, Toronto, ON
Tamara Steeves – Wheelchair Basketball, Mississauga, ON
Tammara Thibeault – Boxing, Regina SK
Tara Llanes – Wheelchair Basketball, North Vancouver, BC 
Taylor Curran – Field Hockey, North Vancouver, BC
Ted-Jan Bloemen – Speed Skating, Calgary, AB
Tim Nedow – Athletics, Brockville , ON 
Tim Schrijver – Rowing, Thedford, ON
Tom Ramshaw – Sailing, Toronto, ON
Tristan Walker – Luge, Cochrane, AB
Trevor Hofbauer – Athletics, Calgary,AB
Tyson Langelaar – Speed Skating, Winnipeg, MB
Victoria Woo – Gymnastics, Montreal, QC
Vincent De Haître – Cycling, Cumberland, ON
Vincent Riendeau – Diving, Montreal, QC
Will Crothers – Rowing, Victoria, BC
Winona Hartvikson – Para-Equestrian, Langley, BC
Yvette Yong – Taekwondo, Toronto, ON