Why Athletes?

For the majority of the best athletic talent in Canada, the ability to afford the resources they need to reach their full potential is one of the biggest hurdles they face.
The direct financial support athletes receive from CAN Fund helps to offset the costs of new equipment, coaching, proper nutrition, extra physio and travel to training camps and competitions. To an athlete this is a game changer. It not only gives them access to what they need to compete on a level playing field but it also gives a boost of motivation knowing proud Canadians are investing in their potential.
Since 2003 CAN Fund has been helping to make dreams achievable because we believe in giving opportunity to everyone who has the courage and fortitude to dream big.  When our athletes wear the maple leaf, they unite a country and inspire us all.  We need to see excellence to believe it is possible within our own lives and our athletes exemplify this! 
Every 2 years the world takes notice as our athletes shine in the spotlight but it is the years in between the Games and major international competitions when no one is watching or even aware of their journey to be the best in the world that they need the backing the most and when CAN Fund donors make the biggest impact. The window to be a world class athlete is finite and like anyone who has ever achieved success, it hasn’t been without the support of others.  
The need is paramount. Recently 905 athletes from communities across Canada applied to CAN Fund for direct financial support. That’s 905 meaningful Reasons To Give! Every athlete relying on the generosity of CAN Fund donors has a courageous story of resilience and determination and you can read about some of their inspirational journeys Here