Dan Humphries

Name: Dan Humphriesheadshot
Sport: Bobsleigh
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Nickname: Giant

Favorite Sport Memory:
Watching Carl Lewis in the 1984 olympics win 4 gold medals and I wondered to myself what it would take to be that good.

Favorite Quote:
Live like your dying dream as though you’ll live forever

CAN Fund Testimonial:
The support given to me by the CAN Fund is going to help me towords succes at the 2010 Vancouver Games by helping with additional coaching fees that I feel I need to be the best.

Best Result:
2009 World Cup gold medalist (4 man), Park City

Fun Facts:
I have a particular pair of lucky underware for race day (dont worry they do get washed ). When I’m not training I love to spend time with my dog Gator he goes everywhere with me. At home I basically do all the cooking although my wife does a great breakfast. My wife and I also compete in the same sport on the World Cup together.