Reasons To Give

Hundreds of summer, winter, able bodied and para athletes are relying on the financial support provided by CAN Fund to help them reach their full potential.  For the majority of athletes CAN Fund is their main sponsor. Very few organizations are giving money, most give product sponsorships. Many athletes receive CAN Fund multiple times in their careers. CAN Fund support empowers athletes to each decide how to best use the funds to make the biggest impact on their journey and is helping to make their dreams achievable. This page is sharing remarkable stories of applicants, giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into their journey and why they need your support. 


Brianna Hennessy, Para Canoe

“I had to choose to survive when I was in the hospital. When something bad happens, you only have three choices: you can let it define you, you can let it destroy you, or you can find a way to let it strengthen you. And for me, the third was my only option.”

Jordan Stewart, Taekwondo

“Imagine having a dream so bold that no one else has ever achieved it. ”